9-30-05 - inspection day
it passes with no problems

bring car in to shop poke here prod there given a good look over

car is what is had claimed to be, i am lucky folks, damn lucky
over all appearance is fantastic, looks like it could be a 1999 model
the original paint is spectacular, small patch area and
a few little dents you catch in the light

here is what we have


1973 plymouth roadrunner

39,000 original miles

400 cid / 265 bhp 727 torqueflite auto 3 speed
8 3/4 3.55 gears - all original - new paint to the top of the motor
all new fluids fresh and such hoses tight air filter looks brand new
no missing parts new wires and distributor cap


the engine runs like a champ, no problems starting up
no smoke or weird smells emitting from it
drives like a dream no drifting to the side or nuttin
oil was so clean you could hardly see it on the dipstick


interior is very nice rip in drivers seat seam will be taken care of
dashboard console and trim in great shape headliner intact
nice floor mats wonder if they are stock ash tray looks never used
steering wheel and rearview mirror original a 1970s royce CB was added


the trunk has the original spare and jack they look untouched
the original jack and spare instructions hang on the lid
a wee wrinkled but holding up there is no rust to
be found in this tight backside, original mat its still there
also has a rear window defroster motor hooked up and working


it seems to still have every tag that followed it out of the showroom
the original felt in the engine compartment is in remarkable shape
the decals are fading a litlle but it sort of lends character not replacing
kept the last inspection badge from mississippi cuz someone suggested it

bird on car

the car was originally bought by a guy in colorado who kept
good care of it in 1989 it was purchased with
19,000 miles on it by the guy i purchased it from the
original owners manual and packet are in the glovebox
also included the build sheet and receipts from
a new exhaust in 2001 and the last time it was transported

build sheet

i am planning on getting the original type battery
and tires for it to bring it to full stock
this ladies and gentleman will be a
showstopper this year at my local car show

found a nice garage for the winter
however i want a place to work on it
and the other is aquired

check back often for updates