WANTED: 1973 Plymouth Roadrunner

I had my first roadrunner in the 80's
don't really remember what happened to it
but it was gone, long gone, and i missed it
so now years later, i wanted to find another one

my search for one had been fruitless to this point
every car I saw had some reason I couldn't commit
nothing was catching my eye, either they were rust buckets
or were the wrong year or junked up with cams and whatnot

and then one day my ebay search finds one
sounds unbelieve, to good to be true
but its on ebay and parked in a garage 1200 miles away
but the more I read the description, the more i liked it

so here i go, I got certified to bid on the car
my maximum bid was $15,000 which was my limit
the end of auction time came and my 14.5 k was high bidder
i was a wreck, i am i really doing this, am I crazy

who buys a car sight unseen from a website
final 30 minutes, i get on live chat with an ebay person
she reassures me that its all good and sticks with me
final 5 minutes, 4... 3... 2... 1... no out bidders, it's mine

well not mine yet, time to send out a certified check
and how the heck do I get it now, it's 1200 miles away
I contact the seller, he seems nice and sorry to see it go
it's times like the I'm glad I'm single, the rest of the time. . .

we decide on the transaction and off goes the check
I locate a transport service and set it up
the car arrives less then a week later
so far I am totally amazed with it

I didn't buy a toy - I made an investment
in the years to come, original is going to mean alot
now I must find her a home for the winter
we have some years to enjoy together

my 73

37,000 original miles
garage kept condition
no rust and not junked up
original paint, original decals
all number matching great running engine
every engine and trunk sticker and tag still intact
spare and jack and owners manual in original condition


felt so good i did it again with another 1973


1973 Roadrunner numbers matching 340 4speed

1973 silver





also picked up this 1971


1971 Roadrunner numbers matching 383 automatic - california car




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